Chocolate Ice Cream Cake巧克力冰淇淋蛋糕

Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

Cake Ingredient

Super cake flour 250g
Whole egg 250g
Water 50ml
Corn oil 50ml
Chocolate essence 1 tsp
Chocolate powder 11/2 Tbsp
Fresh cream 150g
Filled milk 50ml
Chocolate 1 tsp

1. Blend eggs and cake flour. Use high speed to beat for 1 while.

2. Slowly add in water and beat till fluffy. Add in chocolate paste and chocolate flour and blend evenly.

3. Add in corn oil to stir evenly. Use 150 degrees to bake till baked.

Ice Cream

Ingredient A

Ice Cream flour 50g
Cold filled milk 150g
Topping (fresh milk) 200g

Ingredient B

Chocolate paste 1 tsp
Chocolate powder 2 Tbsp

Ingredient C

Almond powder 100g
Cashew nut 100g


1. Mix topping, ice cream flour and cold filled milk. Beat till fluffy.

2. Add in ingredient (B). Blend evenly.

3. Add in ingredient (C). Apply the mixture on the cake.

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