Homemade BBQ Bakkwa 自制肉干

Homemade BBQ Bakkwa 

1. 600克肉脆(瘦肉加肥肉)
    Minced pork

2. 糖180克
    Sugar 180g

3. 酱油38克
    Light soy sauce

4. 鱼露38克
    Fish sauce

5. 玫瑰露酒1.5汤匙
    Rose sauce

6. 胡椒粉1/4茶匙
     White pepper powder 1/4 tsp

7. 1/4茶匙的五香粉
    5 spice powder 1/4 tsp

8. 红曲米磨粉1/2汤匙(不要使用色素)
    Red  yeast rice flour


1. 先把全部材料混合后,顺着一个方向搅拌十五分钟至起胶(可以看到肉团会发亮而粘成一团)。 然后收在冰箱里腌一个晚上。(不要结冰)

After mixing all the ingredients, stir it in one direction for 15 minutes to get the glue(You can see that the meat balls will brighten and stick together). Then pick up in the refrigerator for a night. (Do not freeze)

2. 第二天早上, 把肉团放入一个16吋 X 12吋的方盘内,(纸两边要超出方盘,方便取出肉片)。将肉料放入,上面加一张塑料纸,用玻璃瓶在上面,慢慢把肉团压平均厚度。
The next morning, put the meatballs in a 16 inches x 12 inches square plate(the paper should be placed on both sides of the square to facilitate the removal of the meat). Put the meat into it, add a piece of plastic paper on it, use a glass bottle on it, and slowly press the meat mass to the average thickness.

3. 打开上层的胶袋纸, 把肉片和下层的垫纸一起取出,摊在烈日下曝晒七小时。晒了三小时后必须翻片。办法是先将一张烘培纸或塑料纸盖上肉片,然后把下层的纸及肉片一起翻转过来, 再去掉在上层的塑胶纸或烘培纸,继续晒四小时至干至不黏手。

3. Open the upper layer of plastic bag paper, take out the piece of meat together with the underlying pad, and expose it to the sun for 7 hours. It must be turned over after 3 hours of drying. The method is to first cover a piece of baking paper or plastic paper with meat, then turn the lower layer of paper.

注意事项: 生肉干片一定要晒够干(至少晒七小时)否则的话,烤出来的肉干会黏黏湿湿的,卖相不好又不耐存放!须要冷藏。

Note : Raw meat slices must be dry enough(at least for 7 hours). Otherwise, the dried meat will be sticky and wet, and the sale will not be good and will not be stored! It needs to be refrigerated.

4. 晒好切成喜爱的小片的生肉干。
Dry the raw meat that has been cut into your favorite pieces.

5. 我用烤箱慢火烤,140度开始烤,我每趟烤四片(总共8片),10分钟翻转,否则容易烤焦。
I use he oven to bake slowly, start baking at 140 degrees, I bake four pieces each time (8 pieces in total), flip it for 10 minutes, otherwise it is easy to burn.

5. 我用烤箱慢火烤,140度开始烤,我minutes, otherwise it is easy to burn.

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