Pandan Kaya香兰咖椰

Kaya 咖椰

Ingredients: 材料

5 eggs 5粒蛋

300g sugar 糖300克

250ml thick coconut milk 250毫升浓椰浆

4 pandan leaves, knotted 4片香兰叶

a pinch of salt 少许盐 a slice of ginger 生姜一片

Method: 做法

1. Stir eggs and sugar together till sugar dissolves. 鸡蛋和糖一起搅拌至糖溶解。

 2. Add half the amount of coconut milk with a pinch of salt to the egg mixture and stir well to mix. Add the ginger and the pandan leaves. 添加量的一半椰汁,盐少许蛋液,搅拌均匀混合。加入姜片和班兰叶。

 3. Heat mixture in double-boiler over a low heat. Stir constantly with a wooden spoon till the sugar is completely dissolved. Remove the ginger and pandan leaves and strain mixture. 用木勺不断搅拌,直到糖完全溶解。取出生姜和班兰叶和应变的混合物。

 3. Add the other half amount of coconut milk and continue stirring till the mixture is thick and creamy. 入另一半的椰奶,并继续搅拌,直到混合物是厚和奶油。

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  1. What is your purpose of posting pictures and no receipe?


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